Wine can dissolve Stones

World cuisines have made their way onto every dinner table. Today, one may enjoy three kinds of meals in a day. Wine was introduced to every household in the recent years when its benefits came to light. It offers a treasure of nutrients and enhances
the taste of dishes. Now, it has been found to help in treating kidney stones as well.

Widely Known Benefits of Wine

There are four main kinds of wine – white, red, blush or rose and champagne. Each of these are made from fermenting grapes. Thus, they are rich in different kinds of antioxidants and vitamins. Each of these nutrients give them a variety of functions.

  • Improved Heart Health
    The antioxidants and natural compounds present in wine give it an anti-ageing property. It increases the levels of good cholesterol to prevent development of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Cuts Risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Cancer
    Wine has anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting qualities as well. It can prevent growth of harmful cells and maintain the health of one’s internal organs. Thereby, keeping type 2 diabetes and different kinds of cancer at bay!
  • Promotes Cognitive Development
    Stress and poor nutrition reduce the mental health of a person day by day. Taking wine in regulated amounts can slow down the degradation process to prevent long-term psychological conditions like, depression and dementia.

Ways in Which Wine May Help in Kidney Stone Conditions

Researches have discovered that calculated consumption of wine not only helps in dissolving stones, but also treats their symptoms. This multi-faceted action of wine can be a result of its nutrient composition.

  • Keeps up Kidney Health
    It has been observed that wine releases unwanted toxins from the body. In addition, it helps in balancing the salt absorption rate to promote kidney health.
  • Wards off Heart Diseases and Hypertension
    Kidney stone patients develop high blood pressure and heart problems in severe cases. The antioxidants of wine strengthen the heart muscles and improve blood circulation.
  • Prevents Kidney Stone Formation
    Doctors have found that wine cleanses the kidneys regularly to prevent accumulation of salts and proteins. Hence, stopping growth of stone crystals in the future.

Nirogam’s Kidsto-Quor for Kidney Stones

kidsto for kidney stone

This is an Ayurvedic remedy containing herbs which can enhance kidney functions. Kidsto-Quor has been specially designed to treat the discomfort caused by kidney stones. It can effectively dissolve them to provide long term relief from kidney troubles.


  • Dissolves stones by restoring the crystalloid-colloid balance.
  • Expels calculi
  • Promotes smooth diuresis
  • Relieves renal colic
  • Treats burning micturition
  • Prevents post-surgical recurrence of calculus

Dosage: 01 capsule once/twice daily before meals.

Health Warnings Against Wine Consumption

Wine is commonly safe for adults if maximum one or two glasses are consumed per day. However, taking it in higher amounts can produce harmful effects on the mental and physical health of a person.

  • Unsafe During Pregnancy
    Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women must avoid drinking any alcoholic beverage like wine. It can cause birth defects, mental disorders and pose serious risks for the child.
  • Decreases Nervous System Efficiency
    Wine affects the central nervous system. In high doses, it can make mental conditions even worse and reduce one’s thinking skills.
  • Addiction Causing Tendency
    Wine can create dependency in adults. It can trigger complications like flushing, blackouts, seizures and vomiting.


While including wine in one’s daily diet isn’t mandatory, switching over to it can be very helpful. Yet, too much of everything is harmful, so it must also be taken with caution!