Are you lazy? Does “exercise” makes you scowl? Well, you are actually scowling away your health.

The only way to improve your health is by giving your body some activity to burn off those calories. It is quite simple and we all know that. Yet, how many off us do work everyday or at least three days a week?  Many of us think of umpteen excuses as we lay it off. Hectic work, lack of time, lack of energy, laziness all are used and stale. Some people claim that they control their diet and hence do not require exercise. Some others justify that they are lean and are not overweight. It is very important to get some physical activity however old you are. I have a friend who takes her 1 year old to swimming lessons to control her weight. There are some wise women who lose weight before conception. I am lazy to exercise and I convince myself that I have lots of work at home and that I eat a little less to escape the ordeal. My husband has 9 hours of office work and 3 hours of meeting a day which allows him his due concession. This article is intended to motivate both of us and the many others who need an eye-opener.

Think of exercise as a jaunt!

Exercise is not a chore or a pain in the neck. First of all, cast away all the negative thoughts like exercise hurts, it is a waste of time, it is a duty, it is not entertaining etc. It is a part of your life and is a necessity. It can enliven your spirits and the body and boost up your energy and metabolism. It serves to increase your appetite and hunger.  Make it a pleasurable experience by finding new things that you enjoy doing. Hiking, dance lessons, walks, bike rides are all fun. They can be merrier if done with the whole family. Attaching a social aspect makes it very enjoyable. A breezy walk around links you with nature as well as with your fellow-creatures.

It is not expensive

Many of us have a gym in the community and for most of us it is free. But walking is free for everyone. You can also get a good work out equipment at second sale or garage sale with a little research. Work out videos are available at libraries. You can also learn yoga techniques in the same way.

Exercise improves health

Your health is one of your most important assets. Think about enjoying a good health all through. You need to work it out to enjoy great health and good food. You are at a number of health threats if you do not give your body its due. Your chances of having a heart attack or a stroke is many times more when are idle. A cool slow walk for an hour everyday works well for many people. Consult your doctor for the exercise best for you.

Exercise shouldn’t cause you pain

Many people shy away from gyms in a couple of days as their activities give them painful results. It is wise start exercising slowly and for small duration until you are comfortable to extend your hours. You need not overtire or exhaust yourself.

Always find time to be active

Don’t think that gym is the ultimate answer. You can always move around wherever you are and stretch your joints. Use the stairs instead of the lift, get up and get your things than ask for them, park your car away from your entrance, walk to your colleague instead of using the phone or email and so on. At home, you can clean things by yourself and stoop and bend a lot. You can also split up your exercise timing to two or three times a day as per your convenience. If it is convenient to get a walk after lunch do it at your workplace. Go to the gym for ten minutes before or after work.

Exercise to remove fatigue

We shrink away from exercise as we feel tired after our daily chores. We don’t have energy to burn. But the reality is that exercise gets rid of fatigue. The initial days are always tough. But once you get started you feel the thrill of it and can’t skip a day. It is normal to feel tired after a minutes of work out in the first few days. You may also consider stopping it. But in a week or more, you will be more active and energetic than before.

Set reachable goals

It is disappointing if you fail. But what if there aren’t any pass marks? Set only attainable goals. And even if you drop it in the mid way begin again.

There is no age bar

Age may affect your diet, sleep and work. But you are never too old to exercise. Physical activity may prevent premature signs of aging and health issues associated with your age. But Doctor’s opinion on it is very important.

What are you waiting for?

-Aparna KV

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