The importance of eyesight to the humans need not be emphasized. How often do we really pay attention to the well being of our eyes? Never, or maybe only when they are diagnosed with a serious problem. However, it is possible to maintain perfectly healthy eyes for long years by following these simple holistic remedies. The following remedies are quite easy to follow and could be put to daily use without any hassle.

1. According to ayurveda it is important to wake up early in the morning for the health of the eyes. After waking up fill your mouth with water that is neither hot nor too cold, then gently close your eyes and sprinkle water (normal temperature) on them about eight to fifteen times. It is important that you sprinkle water on closed eyes.

2. Do not wash your eyes immediately after doing hard exercise or being in the sun or heat for long. Let the sweat dry up and allow your body to come back to its normal temperature before washing your face and eyes.

3. Blinking is good for the eyes. Do not gaze constantly especially at far off objects without blinking. Blink in between and rest your eyes. Bright sunlight is harmful for the eyes; do not look at any object if the sun rays are too bright for a long time. On the contrary, working in dim lights is also harmful for the eyes. Do not do reading or writing or any other minute work like sewing without appropriate lighting. Whenever you feel heaviness around the eyes, give your self a break and close your eyes for couple of minutes.

4. According to yoga and ayurveda waking up after sunrise and sleeping late at night is unhealthy for the eyes. This is especially for those who work in the graveyard shift. However, if you cannot change your schedule then drink half a glass of water after every hour.

5. Shield your eyes against dust particles, pollution, smoke and strong sunrays. If you are going out in the sun then wear a good quality sunglass. The local sunglasses use cheap glass which is harmful for the eyes. Avoid staying too long in the above stated circumstances.

6. An unhealthy stomach indirectly affects the health of the eyes, especially constipation. Constipation has an adverse effect on the eyesight and is also the cause of headache close to the brow area. Also, negative emotions such as anger, sadness, depression, worry and anxiousness are unhealthy for the mind as well as the eyes.

7. Exercise your eyes regularly. The simplest exercise is to move the eyeball left to right, then up and down and in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Do not move your neck in this exercise, only move the eyeballs.

8. Palming is another yogic exercise that refreshes the eyes. Rub your palms together for about half a minute then gently place them over closed eyes.

9. Cabbage and carrot are good for the health of the eyes. It is best if you eat them raw. You can also drink carrot and cabbage juice.

10. Washing your eyes with triphala water is excellent for the eyes. Add a teaspoon of triphala powder in a glass of water and leave it overnight. Strain it the next day and use it to wash your eyes.

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