What to Do If You Are A Rice-Lover, Diabetic and PregnantThis is an interesting question when would-be mothers ask us “What can be done if I crave for sugars or foods with High-Glycemic index when I already have gestational diabetes ?”. The answer is simple – “Eat them in moderation”.

Do not suppress your cravings when you are expecting. Ayurveda and many other scriptures mention that all the wishes of the pregnant mom should be fulfilled, they are not hers but those of baby in the womb. If we apply simple logic here, dietary restrictions should only take care of prevention of miscarriage! Suppressed food cravings is what drives baby to diabetes in later life, if words of Michel Odent are to be believed.

For typical south indians who have migrated outside India, it would be unfair if a doctor asks them to stop idli-dosa and all things from rice-flour just because she has gestational diabetes. If a person’s body is made from Rice idli dosa from childhood, suddenly one can’t force some foreign low glyceimic index food based on science alone!

So, listen to your body and eat in moderation and all will be well.

Dr Greeshma Nair comments, Ayurveda clearly mentions that Navanna i.e. the freshly harvested rice as a cause of prameha. The ancient science advocates the use of rice that is 8 months to one year old. Consumption of this type of rice will not cause any complications related to prameha in a pregnant woman as it is lighter  for digestion than the freshly harvested rice.