It was in my early college days that I got to hear about Reiki. I used to have a pen pal from the USA who promised me to send some powers to heal my diarrhea. I did not believe him much at that time and can’t remember if he did send some healing powers which cured me. But later on, an uncle of mine spoke to me at length about the invincible powers of Reiki.

Though not scientifically accepted, Reiki is getting popular in India as days pass on. It is estimated that more than a lakh of Indians practice Reiki in the present times. Reiki and Pranic healing are two no-touch therapies gaining fame and appreciation all over. Reiki is said to cure many ailments by healing the whole body, mind and the spirit. And the best thing is that, it can be practiced along with any medications, even when you are pregnant, or when you are in plasters or while undergoing chemo.

Reiki is a natural and simple way of healing and it is quite safe. It is holistic as it deals with the entire person (the body, the mind and the spirit) and uses the universal life energy as the medicine. Experts say that it can effectively heal anything in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Reiki is capable of strengthening the immune system and relieving pain and stress. It is not limited to healing but can purge the body of the inherent toxins as well. And on a deeper level it removes negativity, charges the individual with positive energy and encourages creativity. Reiki can be used for self treatment. And above all, like meditation and yoga, this Japanese technique of relaxation is open to all. Anybody can learn Reiki though there are three levels or degrees in the course.

It can treat a local area or the whole body is general. The practitioner channelizes the energy force in a peculiar way through his or her hands to the patient who is lying down. For the whole-body Reiki, the patient is asked to lie down with loose garments. Meditation is practiced by some to create a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Any obstacle to the energy force like jewelery, gems, objects etc. is removed from the body. Saying a prayer before the process also helps in the healing and the relaxation process.

Reiki practitioner is more like a doctor who needs to be aware of the conditions and the requirements of the recipient. He will limit the therapy duration depending upon the demand of the situation. In some cases, Reiki healing is administered with the permission of the doctor who is treating the patient. Reiki hand positions are also of great importance. Most practitioners use the hand positions intuitively. The head, the chest and the back take up positions according to the need of the treatment.

There are other holistic treatments with which Reiki can work in the treatment of an individual.  Reiki is also practiced along with aromatherapy or meditation by some.

However, everything is dependent upon on the expertise of the Reiki master.

-Aparna K V

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