Out of the five sensory organs, the eyes can be called as the most beautiful creation of God. Without eyes, human beings would not have savoured the beauty of Mother Nature and her creations within. We often don’t realise what a single glance that lasts only a fraction of a second can capture for us. Our eyes work in collaboration with our brains to define the size, shape, colour, and texture of an object in front of us. They also let us know how close it is, whether it is still or moving and how fast its mobility is etc.

It should be noted that anything beautiful is vulnerable. Hence it is important to take care of your eyes and treat it with luxury and care.

We live in a polluted environment with a handful of stress and tension. The most common of dermatologic problems that vex people is having Dark circles or Crow feet under the eyes. Puffy eyes or ‘bags under the eyes’ also trouble some. Dark circles can be hereditary or the result of a physiological mechanism. It is due to lack of sufficient sleep in some while it is fatigue, tension or lack of haemoglobin in some others. Sinus also causes dark circles!

There are umpteen cosmetic products that come with the promise of getting rid of puffiness or dark circles. But there are so many natural remedies that can bring the brightness in and around your eyes back.

· Pamper your eyes. Relax yourself with thin cool slices of cucumber. Some people like a paste of cucumber around their eyes. Some people are positive about a blend of almond and potatoes reducing dark circles. Still others like cool tea bags.

· De-stress yourself! There is absolutely no meaning in getting tensed and ending up with physical and psychological problems. Try to chill out when you get worked up. Relax and drink lots of water.

· Yes, drinking water is always the key. It removes the impurities from the system and rids off the chances of water retention. Water retention is one of the causes for puffy eyes .

· Cotton pads soaked in rose water, milk or cold water for a cool luxury. Instead of cosmetic cleansers, milk or rosewater can act as a great natural cleanser for facial skin.

· Coconut oil works wonders. Gently massage the eye area with a thin film of coconut oil. Always use your ring finger while touching the sensitive eye area. Coconut oil is non greasy and it absorbs quickly leaving the skin moisturised and soft to the touch.

· Almond oil and honey in combination is also a good cure. Some people suggest applying tomato juice and lemon juice. But be careful as they can irritate the inner eyes.

· Castor oil is said to be good for thick eyelashes, eyebrows and hair. Apply a thin layer of castor oil on the eyelashes and eyebrows for long lashes and brows.

· Eat smart! Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Healthy eyes need carrots, berries, red tomatoes, beet root etc. Vitamin A deficiency is the main cause for night blindness. Vegetables like sweet potato, kale, carrots, spinach, avocado, broccoli, peas, asparagus and green pepper are rich in Vitamin A. Studies of the modern times show that eating leafy green vegetables may help prevent cataracts. Eat a vitamin rich diet.

· Having gooseberries is good for the eyes. Chakshushya (Amlaki) is the Sanskrit term describing gooseberry which means “strengthening the eyes”.

· Exercise regularly.

· Never rub your eyes.

· Do not use the contact lens for more than 12 hours or sleep without removing them.

· Do not expose the eye area to the Sun or look at the bright Sun. It is advisable to use goggles.

· Try to avoid using making up around the eye area. While using, do not use cheap cosmetics. And never sleep with make- up on.

· Please don’t cry.

· And last not the least, sleep tight! Eight hours of sound sleep in the night and twelve glasses of water a day would bring the twinkle back into your eyes.

And remember that eye donation is the noblest of causes. There are around 4.6 million people in India who can recover their eyesight through corneal transplantation. And only a little more than 10,000 cornea transplantations are done every year. Maybe you can impart the gift of sight too.

– Aparna K.V.

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