An allergy may occur due to your immune system reacting in a different way to a normally harmless substance.ย  Allergies range from respiratory allergies to food allergies and insect allergies.

You start to sneeze every now and then, your eyes turn watery with a runny irritated nose once the weather cools down. It looks like you have a cold.ย  If you have an allergic cold you feel all the symptoms together during spring making outdoor life difficult. Then you hurry to shut down your windows and have your humidifiers on for comfort.

Tree pollen allergens and rag weeds trigger off a rhinitis or hay fever and grass allergens give you a dry cough and sore throat all through your blazing summer. Some others suffer from allergic asthma provoked by pollens, moulds, dust mites and pet dander. Before you reach out to your drugs you probably think โ€œif only I could do it without theseโ€.

Is there a cure for allergies other than drugs?ย Yes!

As a first step, for good respiratory health and to prevent Upper Respiratory Infections and Sinusitis you need to bring out a positive change in your lifestyle. It is certain that only a healthy lifestyle can give you healthy immune system.

  • Get adequate sleep and eat a nutritious diet along with regular exercise.
  • Do not use window fans if you are allergic to pollens. They generally invite more pollens in.
  • Keep your eyes open open for your enemy. Stay indoors when the pollen count is high.
  • While at home, take a rich diet of flavonoids. They are found abundantly in your favourite fruits. The release of histamines by the immune cells are the main cause for an allergic reaction. It is proved that the presence of flavonoids can maintain the histamine levels and give you a healthy living. You can also get supplements.
  • Add a lot of vegetables to your diet for a liberal supply of Vitamins.
  • Reduce and limit the intake of caffeine and quit smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Find further allergy relief with these natural remedies you can try at home. Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea), nettle (Urtica dioica), Ephedra (Ephedra sinicia) and Garlic are a few of the trusted home remedies known to us.

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