The pain associated with kidney stones can be extremely excruciating that’s why we need natural remedies for kidney pain. One out of twenty people develop kidney stones at some or the other point in their lives. The good news is that you can ease pain related with kidney stones with simple natural remedies for kidney pain.

1. Water:
One of the causes of kidney stones is dehydration due to lack of water consumption. People living in warm and damp regions of the world must be extra cautious with their water intake they are more susceptible to having kidney stones. You must have eight and more glasses of clean water every day to keep your body hydrated.

You must also be careful with the quality of drinking water. Clean drinking water will help you avoid and cure many ailments as well as clean drinking water. Distilled drinking water is actually helpful in flushing out the kidney stones from the body.

Drinking water is also helpful in easing pain associated with kidney infection.

2. Cranberries and cranberries juice:
Cranberry as well as its juice have been known to treat prevent and treat bladder infections and it is extremely healthy natural remedies for kidney pain as well. Cranberries are known to increase the level of acidity in the urine which is helpful in killing off the bad bacteria in the kidney, bladder as well as the urinary tract. Cranberries are helpful in flushing out the toxins and waste material from the kidney. The cranberry action helps in dissolving the kidney stones.

3. Watermelon:
The high water content in watermelon makes it a very healthy food when suffering from kidney pain. Watermelon is extremely effective because it passes through the system at a faster pace and it is a very safe diuretic. Watermelon seeds are also useful in making a watermelon herbal tea which enhances the function of the kidney and helps in dissolving the kidney stones.

4. Grapes and Celery:
Grapes as well as celery are helpful in preventing and treating kidney stones and kidney related problems. Having celery everyday can help avoid the kidney stones from forming in the first place. Grapes have high water content in it and are low in sodium chloride and albumen which eases kidney problems. Both these foods are natural remedies for kidney pain that are helpful in maintaining the health of the kidney.

5. Red Bell Peppers:
Red bell peppers are rich in carotenoid which is an antioxidant having powerful action against cancerous formation. Red bell peppers are also rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B 6, Vitamin C and folic acid which are good for the health of the kidney. Red bell peppers have low potassium content which is good if you are experiencing kidney pain or any other kidney related problem.

6. Egg whites:
Only egg whites without the yolk are a great source of protein. Usually foods rich in protein has phosphorus in it (like egg yolk and red meat), but egg whites are very low in phosphorus. They are rich in essential amino acids. Egg whites will help keep your kidneys healthy and reduce kidney pain.

7. Dandelion Tea: This herbal tea is diuretic which helps flush out the toxins from the kidney and also great natural remedies for kidney pain.

8. Damiana Tea: Damiana Tea has the same diuretic action just like Dandelion herbal Tea.

9. Herbal Tea for Kidney Health:
Kidney blend tea is made of herbs and spices like Uva Ursi, Juniper Berry, Buchu, prince’s pine, St. John’s Wort, Echinacea, yarrow and cayenne. The prince’s pine and St. John’s wort calms the inflammation and pain in the kidneys. This tea is good for kidney health and treating kidney infections.

10. Feverfew and Valerian Root:
Teas of feverfew and Valerain root are excellent natural remedies for kidney pain, too.

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