Raynaud’s disease is a painful condition that affects the hands, feet, ears, and nose, and causes super-sensitivity to changes in temperature, mainly cold temperatures. Symptoms of the disorder comprise numbing, pain, and tingling of the legs, arms, and fingers, in addition to the discoloring of the skin. There are quite a few natural healing treatments and herbal remedies that you can use to get instant relief from Raynaud’s Disease.

Raynaud’s ayurvedic treatment and alternative treatment

The home remedies for Raynaud’s disease include biofeedback training, relaxation techniques, increased amounts of bananas, vitamin B3, and other potassium-heavy foods,  ginger, ginkgo, magnesium supplements, seafood, nuts, eggs, leafy vegetables, and citrus fruits, in addition to behavioural changes for instance quitting smoking, reducing stress, and avoiding caffeine.

  • Ginkgo

It has long been known as a stimulant and a vasodilator for the circulatory system. It works efficiently but gradually, just because it takes a few months for all of the ginkgo Biloba to accumulate in your system. But, it has been proven to decrease Raynaud’s disease symptoms by about 50% and has been used for other circulatory issues.

  • Ginger

Ginger has long been recommended for people struggling with circulation problems. It is also regarded as a warm food that provides the body with added warmth in cold conditions. Thus, ginger and ginger tea tackle both problems of Raynaud’s disease, issues from blood constriction and from cold.

  • Vitamin B3

This plays a vital role in increasing blood flow to the surface of the skin and controlling the dilation of blood vessels all through the body. Also known as niacin, this can help to increase by taking precise supplements, or by augmenting the utilization of niacin-rich foods, for instance, pork, seafood, chicken, liver, sunflower seeds, portobello mushrooms, and green peas.

  • Potassium

Potassium is an important mineral that controls both the fluid balance in the body and the dilation of the arteries and blood vessels. As Raynaud’s decreases the flow of oxygen and blood to the extremities, food such as bananas and other potassium-packed foods are very vital to stop episodes from striking.  Potassium lessens tension all through the cardiovascular system, so Raynaud’s erupts have a far less evident effect.

These are some of the best ayurvedic treatment for Raynaud’s.

Apart from this, patients suffering from Raynaud’s can exercise six days a week for half an hour a day to endorse circulation. Opt for biking, swimming, hiking or walking, and alternate the routine to stop monotony. Moreover, dress properly for colder weather conditions. Wear hats, gloves, sweaters, scarves, and warm winter coats during the winter months to keep from being exposed to the cold. Use hand warmers in tremendously cold conditions, if required. Also, get rid of foods and beverages that contain caffeine from your diet to reduce the chances of limiting blood flow and to keep away from narrowing the blood vessels and small capillaries. While using a computer, you should use a mouse pad with infrared-heated to treat cold fingers and tingling sensation.

By following these above-mentioned tips Raynaud’s disease can be treated easily.