You might be required to keep up with your usual medical treatment, but some natural remedies may help relieve stiffness and pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

Several of the remedies for a natural treatment for arthritis are simple like using cold and hot packs but some like acupuncture might need the help of a professional. Consult your doctor about trying natural remedies and proceed only if he gives the green signal.

Some of the common treatments are:

Hot and Cold Therapy

These are useful to treat RA and are recommended by many doctors. Cold therapy reduces inflammation and swelling of joints. An icepack can be used for a flare-up of RA but don’t overdo it and use moderation. Heat relaxes the muscles and boosts blood flow. You can use either a damp and warm towel or a moist heating pad. A warm shower is also useful like a hot tub or spa.

Magnet Therapy

Magnets are believed to have healing power. They come in a variety of forms like necklaces, bracelets, disks, pads or inserts. Though useful mostly for osteoarthritis, its effect on RA is not definite.


One of the oldest pain remedies in practice is this ancient Chinese medical treatment. It uses super fine needles to stimulate energy along body pathways called meridians. The aim is to correct imbalances of energy or ‘Qi’. Though there is not much evidence as regards the impact on RA, it has been proven to be anti-inflammatory. For best treatment, consult practitioners recommended by your rheumatologist.


This therapy helps by uplifting your mood. Essential oils can be a nice addition to a massage. But they might be irritants and should not be used on damaged or broken skin.


This technique helps you to control automatic responses like blood pressure and heart rate. A therapist will teach you how to control your reaction to stress.

Deep Breathing

Practice taking slow breaths from your belly. It can calm you and turn off the stress receptors which tighten your muscles and worsen the pain. Also, when you focus on breathing, it takes attention away from your pain.


Though you may not feel like moving, it will do you much good. It is a way of rheumatoid arthritis natural treatment by reducing pain and swelling in your joints. Your physical therapist may recommend low impact and safe exercise like aerobics (swimming or walking), strength training, balancing moves and range-of-motion exercises.


This natural remedy was used as far back as thousands of years. There are different kinds but choose one based on consultation with a doctor. Try to work with a massage therapist who has experience working with RA.


This is a simple technique which might be as easy on focusing mentally on your breathing when you inhale and exhale. It does not need any spiritual beliefs and there is no necessity to be super calm. Only, focus as per your capacity.

Topical Gels/Creams

 Pain rubs may not be classified as natural medicine, but most contain a natural ingredient, Capsaicin a compound that makes chilli peppers hot. As per studies, it alleviates RA pain.


This golden spice found in Asian cuisine blocks proteins that cause inflammation just like NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) used commonly to treat RA.

These are all some of the natural ways to treat arthritis.