It is common to use insect sprays that help prevent stings from insects. However, many of these sprays contain chemicals that are actually toxic to your body, without you realizing this. These chemicals also pollute your environment and are detrimental to your health. As such, you may not want to use them. In addition, if you have sensitive skin, it is best that you avoid using insect sprays.

But what happens if you got bitten? Well, you can always use herbal remedies for insect stings. Herbal remedies for insect stings are generally safer. In fact, you will find that they can actually be quite pleasant.

Just choose one of the following herbal remedy for insect stings and your irritated skin:

1. Tea tree oil, lavender and peppermint are known favorites among many herbalists. These herbal remedies for insect stings can neutralize toxicity and stop your itch as soon as you are bitten. They are also effective in reducing skin inflammation.
Simply add a few drops of any of these herbal remedies into a mixture of baking soda or honey. Mixing this can help increase its effectiveness. You could also just apply a drop or two directly onto your insect bite.

2. Plantain is a very common plant that can be found along roadways and in yards along the United States. This herb is capable of drawing out toxins from your human body. You can use either the fresh or dried form of this herb to create a salve here.
Simply chop the plantain up finely before adding it water and applying it to your insect sting or bite. Upon application of the mixture, you can feel that part of your skin becoming warm. This is a sign of toxins are being drawn out of your skin. Continue adding this mixture to your insect sting until your swelling and pain subsides.

3. While tobacco is a very controversial herb, it cannot be denied that that it has several uses because of its medicinal properties. Loose tobacco leaves can also be used as a herbal remedy for insect bites.
To make this preparation, combine water or apple cider vinegar with a small amount of tobacco leaves. This will create a paste which you can then apply to your insect sting. Leave this paste on your skin until the swelling goes down. In case you get skin irritation, wash off the paste from your skin with lukewarm water right away.

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