An instinctive immune reaction to injury or infection, inflammation can become severe due to poor diet, tension, lack of physical activities, and vulnerability to environmental toxins or pollution.

If you are suffering from painful health conditions such as arthritis, shoulder pain, neck or back ache or tendonitis, which are caused due to inflammation, then adding anti-inflammatory herbal supplements to your diet will help in better pain management.

These herbs are not magical remedies and they will not zap away your pain in a single day. However, regular intake of these anti-inflammatory herbs will significantly reduce the bouts of pain. These herbal medicines will have faster impact if they are accompanied by appropriate physical activities.

Top 6 Herbal Supplements for Pain Relief

Here are six effective anti-inflammatory herbs, which will provide you with long term relief when taken on regular basis.

1. White Willow Bark: White Willow Bark has properties similar to aspirin. There were several studies conducted in 2008 which proved that this herb is an highly effective conventional medication in reducing pain in people suffering from mild to serious knee as well as hip problems. White willow bark is also helpful in reducing severe back ache, joint aches and degenerative arthritis.

2. Boswellia: This herb is obtained from rosin found in the bark of the frankincense tree. Boswellia is known to hinder the bodily reactions that lead to inflammation. According to Ayurveda also, Boswellia is an extremely useful herb used to cure arthritis. This herb has also shown positive response in treatment of inflammatory bowel ailment.

3. Devil’s Claw: This herb has been used traditionally to cure rheumatic arthritis. The Devil’s Claw is also used to soothe aches in health conditions such as osteoarthritis, back pain, neck ache and tendonitis. A study was conducted in 2007 with 259 people affected with arthritic conditions. The researchers concluded that 60% of research participants either stopped or cut down their anti-pain medicines after only 8 weeks of having Devil’s Claw supplements. The participants also reported better health and improved energy levels and of course less pain.

4. Bromelain: This herb is actually an enzyme obtained from the stem of pineapple. Bromelain significantly brings down the prostaglandins levels, which are inflammation inducing hormones. This herb will be helpful in providing relief to people with arthritic inflammation and other health conditions characterized by musculoskeletal tension (Like TMJ syndrome). Bromelain has also shown significant results in reducing trauma-related inflammation. Moreover, it also enhances the muscular and connective tissues activities.

5. Curcumin: This is another popular herb used in Ayurveda to reduce arthritic pain. Curcumin is a compound of the Indian spice turmeric. Several studies have concluded that Curcumin can thwart
cytokines which are inflammation inducing proteins.

6. Ginger: The benefits of ginger are stated again and again in health journals. Ginger can not only soothe a bad throat but its warming effect also helps in providing relief in pains caused by inflammatory conditions. Studies have proved that there are several elements present in ginger that obstruct the inflammatory process. The best part about ginger is that no serious side effects have ever been associated with ginger.

Practise mild yoga asanas while taking herbal supplements, you will be pain free very soon.

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