“Stress”, “busy”, “hectic schedules”, “appointments” are some of the terminologies of today’s worldly lifestyles. We don’t have time to wash remember birthdays, anniversaries and they are stored on the mobile phone or reminded on our mail account. Breakfasts are only an old age affair as today we step out of home after a cup of hot coffee. Patience is only a word kept in the heritage canister and is rarely perceived and acted upon. Carelessness and mistakes are easily forgotten and hopefully forgiven on a “Sorry”. Things are changing today…but for the better or the worst is only an irony.

Its better to learn from one’s mistakes rather than repeating them. Today we all are closer to machines rather than humans. We get up on alarm, move out on clock, work on boss’s buzz, eat on deadlines and think rarely! In this scenario health is just a medical word perceived as efficacious drugs and effective surgeries. “Its only kids go to the doctors for a regular check up, we as adults don’t need it.” This is a common notion which now needs to be revamped. On this pretext, some guidelines to help us remain healthy, avoid chronic diseases, remain alert, avoid embarrassments on forgetfulness are provided which would grant a happier and more productive life for all of us. So go on…stay healthy….read and implement.

  • Sleep well

Sleep is the time when your body restores the energy for the work to be done when awake. This is a very important physiological process which if compromised affects the body functioning adversely causing headaches, passiveness, eye irritation and irritability of mood. Hence, it is utmost important to get adequate sleep which may differ to some extent from person to person. However, on an average an adult needs 6-8 hours of sleep everyday and women need more sleep than men. Good sleeping habits and favorable postures like lying straight on back ensure good quality of sleep. Do remember not to keep gazing at the alarm clock when you don’t get sleep. Its a better idea to keep your eyes shut and try to remain relaxed. On the other hand, never remain in bed for more than two minutes after you are awake. If you do, you would be lazing out throughout the day.

  • Eat well

The thrust on a balanced diet with fiber and vitamins is laid many times in previous articles. This ensures nourishment, avoids diseases and helps in remaining fit and fine. Along with a balanced diet around 8-10 glasses of water also need to be included in your regimen. If you forget to drink water, put a yellow slip on your working desk to remind you about it. The pace at which you eat and drink is also important. Avoid snacking or gulping water in front of the refrigerator. Chew well before you gulp the food. Don’t eat when stressed and confused, you would end up eating the wrong wrongly. When stressed up, try to first put stress away and then reach out for a meal to celebrate your success.

  • Breathe well

Bouts of oxygen work as food for your lungs just as meals act as food for the stomach. So go on for long walks instead of long drives. Long walks on the track hand in hand with your partner could be as romantic or even more than a long drive. Jogging is an alternative and yoga or aerobic exercises are some others which could be practiced as per choice. There are many means of attaining oxygen supply, only the will is required.

  • Think well

An unhealthy mind is indicative of a sick body. I would rather say that an unhealthy mind creates a sick body. Hence positive thinking, living with a purpose and remaining happy are a few guidelines one should adapt for a creative and productive mind and an efficient body.