Garlic (Allium sativum) is one of the most valuable foods ever found. Traditionally, garlic was not just used for its medicinal properties but it was also worn around the necks, hung outside the houses and buried along with bodies in coffins to ward off evil. Even today garlic is reckoned as a health enhancing food. The antioxidants present in garlic makes the heart healthy, increases immunity as well as improve the blood circulation. Even studies and researches have concluded that garlic does enhance the activity of cells that imparts immunity.

Garlic Cures Several Ailments:

1. Garlic Lowers High Blood Pressure: garlic is regarded as one of the most effective food that helps in reducing blood pressure. Garlic has the ability to lower the spasm in the arteries which reduces the pressure and tension in them. Garlic also calms down the pulse rate and stabilizes the heart rhythm as well as provides relief in giddiness, breathlessness and gas formation in digestive system. Garlic herbal supplements or garlic capsules are easily available and can be purchased online by high blood pressure patients for long term relief.

2. Garlic Cures Skin Problems: Garlic is successfully used to cure number of skin problems. Most of the teenagers are not aware but garlic when rubbed directly in raw form over pimples can just zap them away without leaving any ugly scar behind. Adults too have held that garlic can cure even the most relentless form of acne. The external application of garlic is quite beneficial in getting rid of boils, pimples, blemishes and spots. Garlic when taken orally also makes the skin free from any problems as it acts as a blood purifier. A course of garlic herbal supplements can make your skin clearer than it was ever before.

3. No More Whooping Cough with Garlic: the best home remedy for whooping cough is garlic. Juice of squeezed garlic or garlic syrup available as herbal supplement in the market should be taken two to three times in a day till the whooping cough completely disappears.

4. Garlic provides relief in ear infections: A small piece of garlic wrapped in some tissue when left overnight in the ear provides immediate relief from the pain. You can also put two drops of warm garlic oil in your ear for the same effect.

5. Garlic cures problems of the digestive system: garlic helps in elimination of the waste substances from the body. Crushed garlic when taken in raw form has an antiseptic effect and provides remedial action in curing stomach infection and inflammation of intestines. Garlic produces a significant effect on the intestine. It is a superb worm expeller agent. It also provides soothing relief in various forms of diarrhea.

How To Eat Garlic
To get the most out of garlic, you should eat it with water or milk in raw form, by crushing two to three cloves and eating it before sleeping at night. You can even boil it.

Few Precautions
•Do not eat more that 3 or 4 cloves in a day.
•People taking any medications or any medical history should consult their doctors before having garlic.
•Do not take garlic before any surgery.
•Do not apply garlic directly on skin if you have sensitive skin, you can do a small patch test just like you do for other cosmetics.

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