It is disheartening when you have everything else ready but fear keeps you away from it!

You are unable to live happily because you are intimidated about the idea of imminent death. You can’t present your seminar the way you want it because you can’t face your listeners. You are hesitating to propose because you fear the unknown. You want to go to the best college to graduate but you are afraid to leave your home.  You are so anxious and nervous about the examination that in spite of your hard work you don’t fair well. You are afraid to make a choice because you can’t predict the outcome. Some of us have the fear of open spaces, fear of certain settings, discomfort in traveling and so on. We admit it or not, we are phobic about one thing or the other deep inside us.

When you are anxious you hardly have any control over your body responses. You become breathless, sweaty and nauseated. Your heart palpitates, you develop a dry mouth and shake all over feeling cold and weak. Anxiety becomes a real problem when it interferes with your day-to-day life making small things like being in a crowd or on a stage, impossible. But once you are worried, you are worried forever. It becomes a habit and you keep on worrying about things one after the other. You gradually find yourself stressed out and less happy.

Well, it is useless to think of an ultimate solution for anxiety,worry and fear. It is so because they come and go in different phases of our life. But, you should always have a quick fix for your problem.


Here are a few ideas which will help you to minimize your discomfort.

  • You are afraid or anxious about something.  Recognize the cause, first ! What am I worried about?
  • Be positive. Many of us think pessimistically about our situation and it will make matters worse: “I am afraid of flying. I can’t fly. No, I can’t even try.” At length, we have found solutions for our day-today problems. So we will find a solution for this one too. Don’t lose self confidence.
  • Never be shy to talk about your fears to someone whom you trust and love.  Talk to your friend, spouse, sibling or parent and seek a way out. But accept, acknowledge and forgive yourself.
  • Never lose hope. If you are distraught, do not blame yourself. Remember that by doing so you are losing yourself more and more to your problem.
  • Some problems can be helped with a diversion at that moment. Concentrate yourself in something that really interests you. Get company if possible.
  • If you plan counseling choose your professional counselor wisely. Some people can be misleading.
  • Get regular physical activity, meditation or yoga to relax yourself.
  • Get adequate sleep and a balanced diet to be able to fight stress and to remain calm and composed.
  • Avoid taking caffeine, nicotine and stimulants.
  • Herbs like Valerian, Ashwaganda, Ginseng, Chamomile, Passion Flower, and Lemon balm are very soothing and relaxing.
  • You can also try aromatherapy at home to treat mild forms of anxiety. Bergamot, Lavender, Sandalwood, Ylang-ylang, Cypress and Rose are some of the aromatherapy oils you can use for relaxation.

-Aparna K V
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