In modern life, stress is something we must deal with on an almost daily basis. Whether we’re worried about work, family, finances or major calamities such as terrorism and Global Warming, there are certainly ample reasons to be stressed. It’s also an established fact that medications for dealing with that stress can be both expensive and have long-term negative side effects. So, what are the alternatives? Thankfully there are plenty of useful herbs for stress relief.

Try a Natural Remedy:

Herbal stress relief remedies like any other medication is not a quick fix. To obtain optimum benefit from them they need to be taken over several months however in the long run you will see that they are far better than pharmaceuticals.

First there is Valerian; it will help you to sleep, and it prevents panic attacks from overwhelming you. Then there are Hops (an ingredient in beer), which eases stress, nervousness and restlessness. A rather odd side-effect of hops is that they decrease your desire for alcohol!

You have probably quite often heard someone suggest a nice cup of tea to help relax you. Well, in the case of Chamomile they are correct as it is a very gentle stress reliever and it also helps you to relax. Then there is green tea which is a great stress reliever as it contains Theanine which helps you to relax and is a natural mild tranquilizer.

Ginseng does an excellent job at reducing stress and it also fights off mental fatigue, reduces irritability, and improves the nervous system.

Various members of the mint family are known to be natural stress reducers. Lemon balm has quite a calming effect as it reduces mood swings and also helps with better sleep.

You might find this one a bit odd to be on a list of herbal stress relief for humans however catnip is quite effective in reducing stress and helping you stay calm.

Ashwagandha is something many people won’t have heard of but it’s a great herbal remedy for helping you to deal with fatigue and it also works as an anti-inflammatory. When you’re stressed, you can sometimes suffer inflammation throughout your body therefore Ashwagandha offers quite holistic herbal stress relief. Keeping inflammation under control can also help you to feel less stressed.

In the Far East natural herbal remedies have been used for centuries. Of all things, the bark from a Cork tree has been long known to help relieve stress. Often it is combined with Magnolia Officinalis bark which helps with anxiety. Next, from Europe, Goldenroot (also known as Roseroot) is very good at easing the symptoms of depression and is also used as a mild sedative. As a side benefit, it helps to relieve fatigue.

Of course, not all herbal stress relief is confined to Europe and Asia. Out among the Polynesians of the Pacific is the Kava Kava root.

For centuries, they have used it as a means of reducing stress and for simple relaxation. Another excellent means of calming your nerves and reducing worry is to take Vitexin. Vitexin is extracted from the Passion Flower and is now sold as a herbal remedy. One little caveat on Vitexin, be sure any pills you buy are between three and four percent Vitexin as this is the recommended dose.

As you can see there is quite a choice when it comes to herbal stress relief remedies no matter how it may manifests in physical and mental symptoms. Simply follow the recommended dosage for any of the herbal stress remedies and you will quickly find that they are quite worthwhile.

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