According to medical experts, prostate cancer is regarded to be among the top most reasons for people. Especially men to die and the condition is really deplorable. Those diagnosed with prostate cancer is only increasing at a fast pace. And conventional medicine is not fully trusted by many for fear of side effects. fortunately, there are present some natural remedy in the form of Ayurveda that  has been practiced for a very long time. And offering the right kind of treatments to cure prostate cancer as well as reduce complexities faced.

Why Ayurveda to treat prostate?

Ayurveda treatment is considered to be a safe and natural way to treat the system, but without having to face any type of side effects. Shukra dhatu or prostate displays signs of spiritual, physical and emotional relationship which had previously affected the person’s reproductive potential. Ayurveda states that prostate cancer grows slowly and only gets dangerous with age, since it aggravates the three doshas.

Ayurvedic remedies for prostate cancer

  • Proper and healthy Ayurvedic diet:

Good, well balanced food is considered as medicine for the body. Healthy eating habits are likely to help prevent different types of diseases including prostate cancer. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower have anti-cancerous properties in them due to indole-3-carbinol presence that acts as a strong anti-androgen to fight cancer cell production in prostate region. Also choose only low glycaemic foods such as fresh juicy fruits and legumes to reduce cancer risk. Also reduce food items having excess protein and animal fat.

  • Practice yogasanas every morning to fight prostate cancer and gain confidence and power. Some of the asanas that can prove to be good to reduce and do away with prostate cancer are garduasana, sarvangasana, sinhasana, shirshasana, pranayama, bhastrika and kapalbhati.
  • Essential oils:

Pure and concentrated oils that are extracted from plants have been termed as ayurvedic essential oils. Sandalwood essential oil is said to eradicate cancerous cells in the body by about 90% in prostate and breast cancer. Turmeric essential oil has cir-cumin in it which fights cancerous cells present has anti contraceptive and anti-inflammatory properties in it. Essential oils rich in limonene such as lemon essential oil, orange essential oil, etc. are good enough combat cancer. The others include lavender essential oil, thyme essential oil and grapefruit essential oil.

  • Ayurvedic herbs:

Different types of herbs are produced by nature. Which when better understood and carefully chosen can help reduce accomplices arising from prostate cancer. The herbs can be used in such a manner to treat imbalances caused by the three doshas like kapha, pitta and vata. For prostate cancer, the effective herbs are gokshura, guggulu, punarvana and salep orchid roots. Problems arising from prostate because of pitta vitiation can be treated using herbs like khus khus, hog weed and barley. These herbs having cooling properties do help to stabilize the increased pitta in the body. Again warm herbs such as guggulu, cinnamon and ginger treat prostate cancer because of kapha vitiation.

Ayurveda for prostate cancer has found to be effective and is a much safe way to be free from prostate cancer.