Our body has many joints which we take for granted.

We usually become aware of their existence when we experience joint pain at a particular location and unable to live normally as the joint pain increases.

  • Are the usual pain killing sprays and ointments not as effective ?
  • Are you looking for a more permanent solution ?

Joint pain is usually a symptom and it gets resolved when you treat the underlying disease / cause.

Here are 6 common causes of joint pain:

  1. Arthritis – could be Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or gout causing pain and inflammation.
  2. Osteoporosis – Degeneration of the joint bones and cartilage ย that causes pain
  3. After effects of fevers such as dengue, chikungunya etc
  4. Some diseases like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, SLE
  5. Bursitis – Inflammation of the bursae. This is a regional where bone, tendon, muscles and cartilage of a joint meets.
  6. Direct trauma to the joint

While Nirogam offers various ayurvedic medicines like Arthronil, Zeotone,ย and many other classical formulations for oral intake and external application, it is always better investigate the underlying medical issue and treat accordingly.

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