Do you have high cholesterol but have been unable to bring it down by controlling your diet or exercise ?

Sometimes, we could all do with a little medical help to get our health back on track.

At Nirogam, we have an  ayurvedic treatment for cholesterol which will not only help you bring your bad LDL cholesterol down but also help boost the good HDL cholesterol.

Shudh Guggulu is a broad spectrum herb with many traditional uses.

It is a gum resin, produced by the stem of a shrub (commiphora wiighti) native to India and Ayurvedic practitioners have used it for various benefits to:

  • Bring cholesterol to normal levels
  • Helps maintain normal weight
  • Improves lipid levels and metabolism
  • Strengthens immune system function

Shudh Guggulu will make your life easier as compared to the conventional statin therapy that causes a lot of side effects.

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