Arthritis is usually known by its symptoms of painful joints and the inability of a person to move freely without experiencing pain and discomfort.

There are many kinds of Arthritis and the symptoms and treatments vary. The most common kinds are

  • Osteoarthritis – In this, the bones and cartilages are inflamed, degenerated and gradually destroyed.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – In this, the tissue lining the joins is inflammed causing pain.
  • Gout – Caused due to excess uric acid resulting in crystals in joints, usually toes.

The usual symptoms of Arthritis include:

  • Pain in Joints
  • Episodes of fever
  • Stiffness and swelling, mostly in the mornings
  • Inflammation, redness, tenderness in the joints
  • Difficulty in moving joints easily

You will keep hearing about Inflammation a lot – What is Inflammation ?

It usually refers to a swelling or reddish condition as a reaction to an injury or infection. It’s basically a signal to our body’s immune system that something is wrong at a particular location and healing needs to start there.

The Ayurvedic Treatment For Arthritis at Nirogam starts with a primary focus of reducing inflammation and pain.

Our proprietary product Arthronil is an ayurvedic herbal supplement and provides the following benefits

  • Reduces Pain and Stiffness in the Joints.ย 
  • Has Anti-Inflammatory Action to speed up the healing process
  • Reduces High Uric Acid Levels
  • Improves Joint Motility ( ability to move easily )
  • Most Importantly, it Repairs Soft Tissues and Cartilage of the affected joints.

Arthronil is also purely herbal and ranks way above regular Drugs ( NSAIDs ) and pain killers –ย And the best part – It has no side effects.

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At Nirogam, our Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis does not focus only on medication to reduce pain. The Ayurvedic management system can help you develop a lifestyle including

  • Eating the right foods to help in healing and strengthening
  • Avoiding foods which can aggravate your condition
  • An exercise and movement regime to make you stronger

Life does not have to be painful always with Arthritis.

Consult with our doctor if you or a loved on has been suffering from a chronic case of Arthritis and would like a sustainable cure.