When Does Aging Really Starts?

You are healthy and robust in your twenties. Your visible signs of aging may start as early as 30 or late enough not to worry. But health deteriorates by the time you start aging or cross your forties. And fifties are spent at the doctor’s office mostly trying to prevent, diagnose and treat problems caused by aging. This is the reality we know about. However, some studies have surprising facts to prove it otherwise. A health survey conducted in London reports that people over 50s lead a fitter and health conscious life than they were in their 20s. Being health conscious does refer to the healthy lifestyle they adopted by reducing the take-aways, ready to eat meals and a sedentary lifestyle.  The survey showed that people at this age had an increased awareness of well being. They slowed down a bit to ponder on their health and life expectancy which reflected in their dramatically changed lifestyle.

What Made Them Aware About Aging Should Make You Too

As you reach your fifty, you have already past through your first innings. It is mostly found that, if you can live up to fifty years of age without developing any major afflictions you may have a longer and healthier life thereon. At this age, you should be watching your diet closely and doing some regular exercise. Cardio work outs are still good for you with the approval of your doctor.

Along with that, annual screening tests begin now as you hit your 50s. Those with an average risk should begin screening for colorectal cancer while women should make it a point to screen for breast cancer  and cervical cancer annually. Men need to be aware of the potential risk of prostate cancer, and routine blood tests are to be done. Blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, kidney function tests etc cannot be overlooked. Tetanus shots should be readministered every ten years. Irregular heart patterns can only be traced early through ECGs. Women in their menopausal stage need good exercise, dietary supplements like Vitamin D and Calcium and most certainly a bone density test (Osteoporosis). Eye health needs regular check ups and boost.

Aging, retirement, isolation, redundancy- are some situations faced by those in their fiftysomethings. A little mediation and common sense can help tackle these issue and render a merry energetic life as you age, say experts.

-Aparna K. V.