Common colds become increasingly common when seasons change. While the nip in the air is a welcome respite from the heat, it can lead to colds and coughs that everyone dreads.

Sore throats manifest in the form of irritation in the throat, swollen tonsils, or difficulty in swallowing. They may be accompanied by fever and headaches.

In case of irritation or inflammation in the throat, you can try these home remedies:

1.    Boil a cinnamon stick in a cup of water. Mix a teaspoon of honey to this concoction and keep sipping it throughout the day.

2.    Make a paste of sitopaladi churana and honey and consume this mixture several times in the day.

3.    Put a single clove under your tongue. This will cease the coughing and help you sleep peacefully.

4.    Use Slippery Elm (Ulmus rubra) as a remedy for a sore throat.

5.    Drink some warm chamomile tea to soothe the throat and reduce inflammation.

6.    Give your throat a lot of rest. Try not to speak unless it is necessary.

7.    Drink lots of fluids. When suffering from a cold or a cough, it is essential to stay hydrated. Gargle with warm salt water at regular intervals.

8.  Consume sage. Sage has been used to relieve throat ache since time immemorial. It reduces inflammation and protects the mucous membranes of the throat and mouth.

9.  Eat garlic. This vampire-buster is also an antibiotic and anti-bacterial. Rather than providing symptomatic relief, a gargle with cumin and garlic can fight the infection at the source.

10.  Use the common Indian home remedy of hot water, lemon juice and honey. This drink can provide much-needed relief to an itchy and scratchy throat. The lemon juice contains Vitamin C which helps build your body’s immunity against future infections.

11.   Crush betel (paan) leaves and apply them on the outside of the throat. Betel is useful is more ways than one. You can also crush the berry of the plant and take it with honey to ease an irritating cough.

12.  Gargle with a concoction of boiled cardamom (elaichi) and cinnamon. This method is particularly handy when dealing with influenza.

13.    Put Fenugreek (methi) seeds in some water and let it simmer for roughly half an hour. Allow it to cool down and then strain it. Use the infused water to gargle.

14.    Add the juice of ginger root to a teaspoon of honey and consume. This mixture coats the inside of the throat and reduces the irritation. The great thing about ginger is that it can be added to an ordinary cup of tea, or even plain hot water. Ginger can even be used as a spice in everyday cooking. It raises the taste and the health quotient of any foodstuff.

15.    Use a decoction of henna leaves for gargling. Although henna’s documented properties are generally in the area of improving hair quality, it is surprisingly good for the throat.

To alleviate the suffering sooner, you should be careful about what you eat. Avoid sour food as it hurts the throat. Abstain from fried foods for the same reason. . Foods that have a cold propensity, such as cucumbers and watermelons, should be avoided. Cold food or drinks may not increase the infection but it can set off a coughing fit and make swallowing more difficult.

Once you find yourself on the road to recovery, make sure to change your toothbrush so that the infection does not spread.

With these tips at hand, you need never fear a sore throat again!

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