5 Worst Food Items For Children

If you are a parent, I am sure you are constantly concerned about your child’s healthy diet. Bad nutrition often leads to obesity in young children.  Good health of the child needs to be taken care of at an early age to safeguard them from various diseases.

There are several foods that the child has in his daily diet which do him much harm and no good at all. As a concerned parent you must stay aware about the following worst food for children and try and keep your child away from them as much as possible.

Junk Food

Kids love junk food and it is by far the worst food for them. As a matter of fact, no matter who consumes junk food, it is terribly bad for health. Junk foods such as burgers, French fries, pizzas, chicken rolls are alarmingly high in salt, sugar and fat content. Junk foods are almost zero in nutritional value. Due to high fat in them, they make the kids tired and lazy in school, sports and physical activities become a huge burden for them. Do make sure that your kids eat less and less of junk foods. Trips to the fast food outlets should be thought of as treats and not as an everyday routine.

Cola Drinks and Sodas

The next item that is making your child unhealthy is cola drinks and sodas. Research has established that soda drinks are the chief most reason for child obesity all around the globe. Such drinks are extremely high on sugar as well as calorie content and no nutrition at all. Sodas drink also kills the appetite, thus your kid will refuse to eat his proper meal after just one glass of soda. Moreover, soda drinks also causes bone decay and loss of tooth enamel.


Sometime back I made some chocolate cookies at home. They turned out to be delicious, however, every time I picked one I just could not dismiss the amount of sugar and butter I added to the batter. Confectionery include cakes, pastries, cookies, swiss rolls, doughnuts as well as chocolates. Even a tiny piece of any confectionery is loaded with sugar and calories and a single bite never satiates so it is best avoided.

Ready to eat snacks

Kids love to gorge upon those ready to eat snacks like wafers, snack bars, easy to cook noodles, cream tarts and much more. Snacking is actually good for health, but it really matters what snacks your kid is having. Snacking on the above mentioned foods will kill your child’s appetite and he will have hunger pangs after the meal hour, which will lead to further snacking. Encourage your child to eat more nutritious snacks such as popcorn without butter, sprouts, salads, fibre biscuits and so on.

Refined Foods

Refined foods include white rice, white sugar, pastas, noodles, white bread and so on. When the foods are refined they are robbed off their nutrient content and dietary essentials. Refined food products are poor in vitamin and fibre contents as compared to their unrefined counterparts. Try switching to brown rice and brown bread for starters. It will not only benefit the health of your child but also of the entire family.

So, try as much as possible to avoid these items and instead encourage your kids to eat freshly cooked, hot and nutritious meals at home.

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