Emotional Freedom Technique Can Help Ease Your Fear of Flying
Flying up in the air straddled to your flight seat and flitting past the clouds makes for a great experience, isn’t it? But for some people it is a nightmare to travel by air. Fear of flying is also known as .... [read more...]
Homeopathy – Your Path from Cancer to Can-Cure : An Interview with Homeopath Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal
Many of us have started turning to Alternative Medicine, be it Ayurveda or Homeopathy, for safe and sustained relief from ailments. But, we do not rely on Alternative Medicine to treat dreadful diseases includi.... [read more...]
14 Deadly Facts You Must Know About Malaria
Did you know that Malaria is a leading cause of death worldwide? Today is World Malaria Day. Here are some deadly facts you ought to know about Malaria: Malaria is a life threatening disease caused by mosquito .... [read more...]
What’s So Good in Chia for Your Hair?
Are you a vegetarian? Been wondering what to eat to give your hair the desired protein nourishment? Stop your search with chia seeds. You should eat healthy for lustrous hair. Since hair is made of protein ca.... [read more...]
Daily Habits That Help Reverse Obesity
Can obesity be prevented? Do you think it is reversible? Do you agree that some changes in your daily lifestyle can combat gaining those extra unnecessary pounds? The single answer to all the three questions ab.... [read more...]
6 Important Things Every Woman Should Know About Herself
A caring human being, a nurturer, a beloved- there are a great number of roles you play as a woman. Being a multitasking homemaker, a loving mother and a busy working woman define you. You go to yoga classes,.... [read more...]
Do You Give in to Food Cravings?
Why is it that we at times start craving for something to munch on? While at our work desks or while walking back home, perhaps in the middle of doing some work or just in between watching a movie our desire to.... [read more...]
9 Amazing Tips to Make IPL Cricket a Well Being Mantra
Take a deep breath. Count till four as you inhale. Exhale gently counting up to eight. Cricket is again in the air! Take a cleansing breath. You can’t disagree with me if I say that this cricket season, its s.... [read more...]
Easy-to-do 10 Minute Exercises
For those of you who procrastinate exercise here is some good news. A three 10-minute session each of exercising will go a long way in avoiding complications like metabolic syndrome and high waist circumference.... [read more...]
13 Surprising Non Dairy Foods Rich in Calcium
  Are you struggling with dairy allergy? Does the taste of milk put you off? Lactose intolerance, is that the problem? In these cases, how would you manage to get Calcium into your daily diet? Calcium is .... [read more...]
Vaginal Delivery Has More Benefits Than You Actually Know
Many pregnant women opt for caesarean section fearing pain and trauma. Also with C-section one can have a planned day and time unlike vaginal delivery.  However, they are many reasons why natural delivery .... [read more...]
6 Super Smoothies for Cricket Fans
So while all your favorite cricketers are sweating it out at their practice nets, do you simply slouch on your couch and put on pounds watching them? Yes, we know it is simply not possible to get off the scre.... [read more...]

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