How You can Save Yourself From These Painful Cricket Injuries
How You can Prevent These Common Yet Painful Cricket Injuries The Cricket Fever has been running high! It’s even beating the summer heat. Some of us bunked classes, skipped work and made excuses to watch our .... [read more...]
What Causes Swollen Feet in Diabetics?
I’m a diabetic and I’m getting swelling on my feet and ankles. Why does it happen? You must have heard people in your social circle discuss about diabetes and swollen feet. Diabetes is a condition c.... [read more...]
The Incredible Health Benefits of Moringa Leaves
Moringa is very popular among the elders. It is also called drumsticks. Do you know why it is considered as ‘The Miracle Tree’? Moringa Oleifera commonly grows in the foothills of Himalayas. This is becau.... [read more...]
6 Time Tested Home Remedies for Common Cold
Have a running nose? Feeling stuffy with a sore throat? Instead of directly reaching out for that medicine cabinet, try using natural remedies to help feel better. When you catch a cold the virus attaches itsel.... [read more...]
9 Ignored Foods That Worsen Arthritis Pain
 If you are a non vegetarian food lover, then that’s a pleasing palate that you see. But meat is not a great food for arthritics. See why! Being an arthritic, painful joints and stiffness is probably a.... [read more...]
Sugar Substitutes May Backfire!
If you have a sweet tooth read on! You may be jeopardizing your health by adding artificial sweeteners to your diet. Studies tell us that sugar substitutes can cause metabolic disorders like obesity and diabete.... [read more...]
Are You Sure You Don’t Have Masked Hypertension?
Hypertension can strike a person of any age in today’s fast paced times. Sedentary lifestyle clubbed with all the high calorie foods is one of the major triggers for hypertension. It has become a common lifes.... [read more...]
What is an Eating Disorder?
Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, Anushka Sharma and Kalki Koechlin. What’s common amongst these names? These are the names of supermodels or actresses known all over the world. But there is one more thing .... [read more...]
Reduce Your Risk Of Ovarian Cancer With Black Tea!
Do you have the habit of downing many cups of tea in a day? If yes, then change the way you prepare tea to boost your health. Enjoy your daily cuppa as black tea to reduce your risk of getting ovarian cancer. S.... [read more...]
4 Ways to Treat Dengue at Home
Summer is back! And so are mosquitoes. My friend is a marketing professional who has to travel frequently within India and abroad. He had fever a few days back and popped regular medicines to treat it. A couple.... [read more...]
Turmeric Juice Recipe for Healing
Feeling sleepless at night? Take a glass of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric powder at bedtime. You will sleep like a baby! Turmeric is a magical herb that has multiple health benefits. Turmeric, also calle.... [read more...]
Here’s a New Health Drink To Boost Your Wellness!
All of us have been brought up on milk, technically, and emotionally. So much so, that we were fed all kinds of lies by our mothers, just so we could drink our daily quota. Fortunately, for me, who was “forc.... [read more...]

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