Know Your Body:  The Eyes
Your eyes are the windows to your world.  Learn all you need to know about your eyes here. Fig: Structure of human eye The cavity of the orbit contains the eyeball. Muscles, nerves, and blood vessels act upon .... [read more...]
Ayurvedic Treatment for Urinary Tract Infections
According to Ayurveda; mutrakrcca (dysuria), ashmari (renal calculus or stone) and prameha roga (polyuria) are included under mutra vikara (diseases of the renal system). In Ayurveda; meha roga indicates diseas.... [read more...]
Home Remedies for Dry Lifeless Hair
Do you have dry, lifeless hair?  Get the shine and bounce back into your tresses with this deep moisturising treatment: – Mix 3-4 tsp of aloe vera gel with 2 tsp coconut oil. – Add 3 tsp curd to th.... [read more...]
Home Remedies and Ayurvedic Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis
Are you allergic to dust, pollen. etc.?  And do you sneeze continuously once you wake up in the morning?Do you feel a lot of mucus/phlegm coming out when you sneeze? Is it associated with watery and itchy eyes.... [read more...]
Shakahaari Twist: 10 Healthy Veg Restaurants in  Bengaluru
Bengaluru is a place where South Indian veg delicacies are drawing crowds at late night hours. Allows us to take you on a journey through the  favourite eating spots in Bengaluru that serve legendary and affo.... [read more...]
Custard Apple and Its Nutritive Value   
Well the name might give you the impression of a combo of custard and apple. But custard apple is neither an apple nor a dessert. Round, irregular, or heart shaped, custard apple fruit comes with a scaly rind. .... [read more...]
Gem Therapy for Various Ailments!
Gem therapy is an alternative healing therapy based on the belief that gems have specific vibratory qualities: – Gems can change the cellular vibrations in your body and make your glands as well as organs.... [read more...]
3 Quick and Healthy Salad Recipes
Asha Chaudhry, Co-Founder & Editor,, is a foodie (tries to be a healthy foodie as she works from home) who loves to quickly throw together whatever she can find in her kitchen and tosse.... [read more...]

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