10 Foods to Eat for Kidney Health!
Pic Credit: hannahblackmorehealth.com How many glasses of water do you drink in a day ? If you consume less than 10-12 glassfuls in a day, then you should definitely step up your water intake. This is because .... [read more...]
5 Must Know Facts About Liver Health
Pic Credit: scienceblog.com Do you know that if your liver stops functioning for even a day, your survival will be at stake? Your liver is literally the supercomputer of your body. It works nonstop to keep you.... [read more...]
8 Hot Beverages for Diabetics
Pic Credit: wellsphere.com Looking for easy ways to keep yourself hydrated apart from drinking plain water?  Here are a few ideas! If you are wondering how to be a little innovative and yet manage your diabe.... [read more...]
Can Aerobic Exercise Help Fibromyalgia?
Pic Credit: actionsportphysio.com Those muscle spasms and tingling in the arms and legs is bogging you down? Then its time you shake a leg; hit the gym; cycle around or go for a swim.  Yes, you read it right..... [read more...]
7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Family Physician
Pic Credit : grandparents.com What do you do when you have an upset tummy or an ear ache? You probably pop up over the counter medicines. When was the last time you took an expert medical advice before that? G.... [read more...]
How to Keep Your Mouth Healthy the Ayurvedic Way
Pic Credit: drmoche.com What was the ancient way of preserving oral health? Here are the Must Know Ayurvedic tricks which our grandparents used to keep their mouth healthy. Our great parents lived in surroun.... [read more...]
Is Your Dog Showing Signs of Osteoarthritis?
Pic Credit: proteckmachinery.com When you return home after a long day, your pet dog comes running to you as you enter your home.  What happens when your sprightly pet grows old? He gets bowed down my age rel.... [read more...]
The 9 Boon Foods for Diabetics
Diet control is crucial in keeping Diabetes under check. Some foods are healthy for diabetics as they help balance blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of complications. All kinds of beans are a diabetics sav.... [read more...]
7 Tips to Live With Arthritis
Pic Credit: westonmedicalhealth.com Is your arthritic condition making it difficult to go around your home without grimacing with joint pain? If you have arthritis, you should adapt your home to make living ea.... [read more...]
8 Healthy Habits to Control Your Blood pressure
Pic Credit: momsavesmoolah.com Your high blood pressure may prove fatal if you don’t control it now! Keeping a healthy blood pressure is easy if you adopt healthy habits. A healthy lifestyle goes a long .... [read more...]
Top 6 Powerful Seeds That You Should Eat For Good Health
Know what you lose by not eating these top 6 seeds? The common adage ‘best things come in small packages’ must definitely have been made keeping those tiny seeds that are a power pack of nutrients..... [read more...]
Is there Effective Ayurvedic Treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease?
The scariest thing about Kidney Disease is that most people suffering from it aren’t aware of it!!! Kidney diseases are explained in Ayurveda under mutra vaha sroto dushti, mutraghata, mutrakrcchra, ashm.... [read more...]

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