A Good Book is the Best of Friends
If you have trouble sleeping then try reading books by your favourite author. It surely helps you snooze better. Reading good literature is a good therapeutic experience. It takes you on a journey where you go .... [read more...]
15 Low Glycemic Index Foods Indian Diabetics Can Eat
The number of diabetics is continuously on the rise. More and more members of the younger generations are getting affected. It is important to know that though Diabetes does not have a cure it can be well mana.... [read more...]
Vegan Diet, a Promise for Fibromyalgia Patients?
A study in US shows that vegan diet holds a lot of promise for fibromyalgia patients. A strict diet consisting of only grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and tubers was shown to be helping people with fibromyalg.... [read more...]
6 Ways to Improve Sperm Motility and Count Naturally
Actively trying for a baby? Problems conceiving? Once you’ve set your heart on bringing your bundle of joy to the world, having trouble conceiving can lead to very anxious times. In fact, the presence of .... [read more...]
Is Bread A Healthy Choice?
If you are fond of eating bread, think again. It is hard to resist mouth watering yummy sandwiches or burgers, isn’t it? Nutritionally, when you eat bread you consume empty calories. White bread or similar ba.... [read more...]
Can Ayurveda Offer Hope in Receding Hair Line and Baldness?
The truth is bear in front of you! Above 50% of men suffer from thinning of hair or baldness. The percentage peaks to above 70% in older men and their female counterparts are not far behind. Are you one of them.... [read more...]
Cervical Cancer Causing HPV Is Preventable!
Did you know – human papillomavirus (HPV) can cause cervical cancer? There are more than 100 types of HPV. It is transmitted from one person to another sexually. It is therefore crucial to get vaccinated .... [read more...]
Guided Imagery Offers Relief for Fibromyalgia Pain
Guided imagery may alleviate pain and depression in patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia. In this technique, you visualize positive images of yourself battling and winning over your problem. Although you can .... [read more...]
13 Tips to Lower High Cholesterol and Triglycerides
If your recent lipid profile tests show elevated levels of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, it’s time you took steps to control them. High cholesterol level is an invitation to heart ailments. Cholester.... [read more...]
Why Old Habits Die Hard?
Old habits die hard. Do you agree? If you do, you may want to change a few habits that may not be good for you. For example, oversleeping, not exercising, binging on fast food etc. So many resolutions are made .... [read more...]
Is there a connection between weight and high blood pressure?
You must have often heard that being overweight increases your risk of high blood pressure. And, if you are wondering what makes it so, then its time to know the facts. BMI In order to know how fit you are the .... [read more...]
Want To Get Rid Of Body Fat?
Does your heart say mirror, mirror on the wall, am I the slimmest of them all? The new age parameter of beauty and fitness is a well toned body. There are two ways to get into shape- exercise with diet control .... [read more...]

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