Tech Addicted Teens More Prone to Insomnia!
Is your teenaged child up till late hours at night? If yes, then he or she may be prone to getting insomnia. Studies show that adolescents in the age bracket of 12-18 years tend to stay awake till late in the e.... [read more...]
Want To Stay Slim And Beautiful? Drink Tea!
Good news for all tea lovers! Experts say that tea not only helps you stay fit, it also keeps you looking beautiful! The most common Indian beverage holds many beauty secrets. It keeps your skin well hydrated. .... [read more...]
More You Work, The More You May Smoke!
Do you work for long hours and smoke? If you do, then you have to struggle hard to quit smoking. In fact, you may smoke more cigarettes with more work load, say studies. Its because smokers view smoking as a s.... [read more...]
When is Your Sleep a Disorder
Moderation is a key to everything! A phrase we hear more than often in regard to our daily habits. And moderation with respect to our sleeping hours is also no different. Getting too little sleep (less than 6 h.... [read more...]
Why Women Need to Pump Iron in Their Exercise Routine
 If you are one of those women who hit the gym regularly and only sweat it out at the cardio, its time to re-look your exercise schedule. A study conducted in nearly 100,000 US nurses says that lifting weights.... [read more...]
Avoid These Mistakes During Workouts
Are you one of those who gets up earlier than usual and religiously hits the gym every single day? Then read on to ensure that you are making your workout the most effective one. There are some common gym mist.... [read more...]
Keep Your Skin Looking Young Naturally!
When you want to counter signs of skin ageing- Botox is the first thing that comes up in the mind! But despite its popularity, it may backfire if not managed correctly. You can opt for much safer options. Get a.... [read more...]
Encephalitis Alert – Get Your Fever Diagnosed
The season favours fevers. Lot many people have common cold, some have the flu, some have other types of viral and bacterial illnesses like dengue, malaria and the typhoid. Now there is this Enecephalitis too. .... [read more...]
Decipher Early Signs Of Asthma In Kids!
Does your child experience frequent cough, shortness of breath or wheezing? Chances are high that your kid may be asthmatic. As per study reports, more than seven million youngsters aged less than 18 years suff.... [read more...]
Probiotics: Future Panacea For High Blood Pressure
Do you have high blood pressure? Then there is a new way to lower it apart from reducing your salt intake. You can load up on probiotic yoghurt and supplements to maintain a healthy blood pressure. High blood p.... [read more...]
Why Exercise is a Must Do for Older Women
Walk, jog, skip or dance… what is it that you love doing? Whatever be your answer, ensure you incorporate physical activity into your daily routine. There is no doubt in the fact that regular exercise h.... [read more...]
Change Your Sleep Schedule to Help Your Child Avoid Obesity
Giving yourself good hours of sleep daily will help prevent obesity in your child. Surprised? This study conducted by University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences showed t.... [read more...]

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