Can fasting help to improve overall health?
Pic Credit: Foregoing regular diet, change of diet, less quantity of food intake, skipping food for part of the day or whole day are all different ways of fasting. Fasting has been in pr.... [read more...]
Erectile Dysfunction (ED): The Risk Factors And Solutions!
Pic Credit: Are you facing problems in your sexual performance? If you are not able to get an erection or find it difficult to perform sexual intercourse, there is help at hand. You ma.... [read more...]
What is the Ayurvedic Treatment for Better Diabetes Control?
Diabetes is on the rise. Healthy lifestyle changes can help control diabetes and even reverse diabetes in some cases.   Diabetes is described in Ayurveda under ‘prameha’. Further, it is divided.... [read more...]
Why Personal Health Is Overlooked By Indian Women
She is an achiever and a role model, be it on the home front or in the corporate world. She is the one who draws strength from troubles, puts up a brave front during stressful situations and grows stronger with.... [read more...]
No-calorie Sweeteners – A bad choice for Weight Loss
Are you using artificial sweeteners in an effort to control of your weight? In that case, here is something you ought to know. No-calorie sweeteners can affect people’s diet choices over a period of .... [read more...]
Does Your Grocery List Enhance Your Wellness?
Pic Credit: Health is the real wealth, isn’t it? What do you do to maintain it? The mantra to great health is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It includes regular exercisi.... [read more...]
Can Ayurveda Help You Get Pregnant After Miscarriage?
A newly married couple in their mid-30s were excited on hearing the news that they were in the family way. Unfortunately, six weeks later, the pregnant lady had a miscarriage. After some time, she got pregnant .... [read more...]
Combat Alzheimer’s Disease With A Healthy Lifestyle!
Are you forgetful? Have trouble remembering faces, names or your house keys? Overhaul your daily routine and get a better lifestyle to beat the forgetfulness. Studies reveal that even Alzheimer’s disease can .... [read more...]
8 Vegetarian Food Sources to Increase Good Cholesterol
Do you crave for parathas, butter chicken and shahi paneer with dollops of butter, ghee and oil on it? Is the voice in your head saying “Go ahead and relish your dishes. Why resist the temptation when good li.... [read more...]
Skipping Breakfast Increases Diabetes Risk in Kids
Does your child miss the most important meal of the day? A research conducted in UK with 4000 students showed that children who skip breakfast may have a higher risk of developing type 2 Diabetes. It was found .... [read more...]
6 Top Foods Which Help Maintain pH Balance
Pic Credit: Do you know whether the type of food you eat is acidic or alkaline ? Foods being acidic or alkaline make a major difference to our health status. A pH balance is required in y.... [read more...]
7 Foods to Cleanse Your Kidneys
Pic Credit: Kidney cleanse? Doesn’t it sound like going to a doctor and getting a treatment? Well, kidney cleanse is a self cleansing technique that you can do anytime while at home.... [read more...]

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