Cereals Don’t Make the Healthiest of Breakfasts!
Just as your morning mood determines your day, your morning breakfast sets you up for the day. Choosing the right a.m. meal gives you enough energy and helps you avoid overeating over time. If you have to choos.... [read more...]
Do You Love Green Smoothies?
When you think about healthy drinks- yummy smoothies flash in your mind! Green smoothies are the latest fad in the fitness world. They have a standard recipe- blend in a fruit, leafy greens with a liquid, ser.... [read more...]
Simple Ways To Meditate Everyday!
Surprised at the pic? Read on! What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘meditation’? Probably a yogi sitting on a mountain top, isn’t it? But that is not the true picture. Even you can meditate as .... [read more...]
Dainty Ways To Boost Your Brain Power!
My cousin Priya was pregnant and like any mother wanted her baby to be a smart one. She religiously followed healthy diets and exercise plans recommended by her doctor to increase her baby’s IQ. This made me .... [read more...]
Do You Really Need Aggressive Medication For Diabetes?
If you are a diabetic, note this. Your medication may not fully benefit you especially if you are over 50! If you are taking diabetes medication or insulin and suffering from gaining weight and hypoglycaemia, t.... [read more...]
5 Precautions While Eating Healthy
Ohh.. so you have been going the healthy way of late? Started including nutritious veggies in your daily diet, taken to whole grain cereals and aerated drinks have become passé? However, here are a few precaut.... [read more...]
Here’s Why You should Go Organic
Is your food organic? Give a second thought about it as it is much healthier and safer than non-organic foods. Organic foods are more nutritious and have greater amount of antioxidants in comparison to other fo.... [read more...]
Try Vision Yoga To Improve Your Eyesight!
Feeling tired even without much physical exertion? It could be your tired eyes! Our eyes bear the brunt of pollution and harsh radiation from television and computer screens. This weakens your eyesight and y.... [read more...]
Follow Ten Golden Rules For A Slimmer You!
Want to lose weight? Simply follow these Ten Commandments: Drink lukewarm lemon water first thing in the morning. Eat more proteins to keep hunger pangs at bay. Boost your metabolism by eating 5 meals a day. Go.... [read more...]
Manage Diabetes With Oregano And Rosemary!
If you have diabetes, then food management is a part and parcel of your lifestyle. Regular exercise and healthy eating choices are complementary to your medication. Now you can add more flavours to your diet! N.... [read more...]
Is Your Drinking Water Pure? Beware! Cholera on the Loose!
  Caused by a bacterium called Vibrio Cholerae, Cholera is an acute illness affecting the intestine. It is a severe infection of the gut. The person gets extensively dehydrated and it can lead to death if .... [read more...]
Even Moderate Alcohol Consumption Puts Your Heart At Risk!
Do you booze regularly? If your reply is in the affirmative, then you must read this. New research shows that your cardiovascular health is directly linked to alcohol consumption. Any type of alcohol takes you.... [read more...]

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