Can Stress Cause High Blood Pressure?
Domestic chores, travelling, work pressure- keeping up to everyone’s demands everyday is undoubtedly exhausting. There are times in our lives when we feel we can’t manage our lives anymore. We find ourselve.... [read more...]
Vegan Diet, the Healthiest Diet?
Here’s some good news for all the vegans! According to a new study conducted it was found that the healthiest of all diets is a plant-based diet. There were 5 different diets considered in the research -vegan.... [read more...]
Media Multi-tasking Makes Your Brain Duller!
Do you spend much of your time multi-tasking electronically? If you juggle your time and effort between your smart phone and laptop while watching your favourite soap opera, then your cognitive skills are takin.... [read more...]
How to Detoxify with Oil Pulling!
Did you know that besides cooking, oil can detoxify your body? Let us explore this interesting way of flushing out toxins from your system called Oil Pulling. What is Oil Pulling? Oil pulling is a technique whi.... [read more...]
How Does Physiotherapy Help Arthritis Pain
Arthritis is a chronic and painful clinical condition that leads to progressive joint damage and disability. Since here is no cure patients are subjected to various life-long treatment modalities. Living with a.... [read more...]
4 Ways to Boost Your Fertility
Are you trying to conceive? If yes, then you can enhance your chances of becoming pregnant by boosting your fertility levels. It can be done easily by embracing a healthy lifestyle and improving your wellness. .... [read more...]
8 Effective Ayurvedic Hair Oils for Hair Fall and Premature Graying of Hair
Let me tell you the truth. One of these Ayurvedic hair oils is certainly going to rescue your hair! Hair loss and thinning hair, baldness, dandruff and scalp problems, split ends and premature graying of hair a.... [read more...]
So, you have decided to take a dive into motherhood! It means you are ready to embark on the journey of pregnancy and bringing up your child. However, motherhood does not only mean mental acceptance, it also re.... [read more...]
Are You Over 50 Years? Get A Prostate Cancer Detection Test Annually!
If you’re a male and feel that you have to rush to urinate more than before, then don’t take it lightly. It may indicate the possibility of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer does have external symptoms. It c.... [read more...]
What is the Healthiest Way to Treat Hypoglycemia?
Blood sugar refers to the glucose present in our blood. This glucose is formed from the food we eat. It is carried through our bloodstream to different parts of the body mainly to provide energy. Measuring bloo.... [read more...]
How Chronic Stress Can Affect Fertility
Did you know that being under constant stress can lower your chances of having a baby? Stress can affect both men and women on the physical level. Battling stress continuously makes you fatigued and weakens you.... [read more...]
Can Eating Sweets Cause Diabetes?
Have you tested your blood sugar levels recently? Here’s how diabetes begins… When you eat food that has high gylcemic index, your body releases insulin hormone to process that sugar and get it out .... [read more...]

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