Are Bananas With Dark Spots Healthy?
Have you always picked only the unblemished bananas with smooth yellow skins?  You may be losing out on some high level nutrition as bananas with dark brown spots are actually healthy! Top Benefits of Bananas .... [read more...]
Ayurvedic Treatment & Home Remedies for Tonsilitis
Tonsillitis is the inflammation of the tonsils.  In rare cases, tonsilitis may be caused by bacterial infections but it is usually the result of a viral infection. Precautions Intake of cold foods such as ice.... [read more...]
Sleep Well!
A good night’s rest is imperative for optimal functioning of your body.  Lack of sleep can cause a host of health problems and also impairs the ability to think clearly.  All the organs and tissues of y.... [read more...]
6 Powerful Yogasanas for Arthritis!
Do you have painful joints, swelling and restricted movement as a result of arthritis? If yes then yoga can help ease your condition. Make yoga a part of your daily life to avail its natural benefits in providi.... [read more...]
5 Most Ignored Causes of Acne
Here are the top 5 most ignored causes of Acne: 1.  Dandruff, oily dirty hair or too much sun exposure can cause acne 2.  When your face comes in contact with cell phones, glasses, hair and pillowcases, acne.... [read more...]
Learning Ayurveda:  8 Ways to Diagnose Illness
Ayurvedic doctors use these 8 ways to diagnose illness.  This is called Ashta Sthana Pareeksha. #1 Nadi (pulse) #2 Mootra (urine) #3 Mala (stool) #4 Jihva (tongue) #5 Shabda (speech) #6 Sparsha (touch) #7 Dri.... [read more...]
We Wish You a Magical Morning!
We hope today is filled with pleasant surprises and brand new opportunities.  A day when everyone you meet has a smile and a kind word for you and everything you do turns out just the way you want it.  A day .... [read more...]
Treat Type 2 Diabetes with Ayurveda!
Incidence in India compared to worldwide The prevalence of diabetes in India is estimated to be 1-5%. Also, the number of diabetics is projected to rise from 15 million in 1995 to 57 million by the year 2025 ma.... [read more...]
4 Health Benefits of Yam (Sooran)
Enjoy the benefits of Yam (Sooran in Hindi), which although commonly thought to be a variety of sweet potato, is actually not related to sweet potato at all!  Yam is from the ‘Yam family’ while sw.... [read more...]
6 Highly Effective Home Remedies for Constipation
Home remedies are the best form of treatment for constipation.  Taking medicines can cause other unwanted side effects.  Try these homes remedies and let us know how you feel in the comments: 1. Grind equal a.... [read more...]

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