Why You Should Take Garlic for a Healthy Heart!
Cardiovascular diseases are among the main reason for more than half of all deaths in industrial nations. In 1996, 7.2 million people perished throughout the world from coronary heart disease (CAD). The circul.... [read more...]
The Many Health Benefits of Sesame Oil
Add Sesame Oil in your diet to enjoy its superb health benefits: – It boosts your digestion and relieves constipation. – It enhances respiratory health and prevents asthma. – It makes your ski.... [read more...]
Latest Updates in Ayurveda
Read Full Article:  Deccan Herald   Read Full Article:  The Hindu.... [read more...]
Tips for Keeping Your Spine Strong and Healthy!
How safe is your Spine? Keep your backbone strong and healthy with these easy tips: – Maintain a proper posture by keeping your shoulders, neck and back straight. – If you have to lift something, be.... [read more...]
Ayurvedic Treatment and Home Remedies for Cholelithiasis (Gall Stones)
  Cholelithiasis is the medical term used for gall stones. Gallstones are formed due to condensation of digestive juice (bile) secreted by liver. These stones remain silent without causing any symptoms. Wh.... [read more...]
Homemade Facial Scrub for Radiant Skin!
Enjoy a clean and radiant skin with this homemade facial scrub: – Add 1 tsp green tea leaves to ½ cup boiling water, strain it after 2 minutes and cool the liquid. – Take 1/4 cup of tea water and a.... [read more...]
Ayurvedic Therapy ‘Nasya’ for Respiratory Health!
Nasya is one of the Ayurveda panchakarma therapies. It is the procedure of instilling medicated oil/powder through your nasal route, to remove the excess phlegm from the sinuses and the respiratory tract. Nasya.... [read more...]
Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) for Treating Cardiac Ailments
Terminalia arjuna belongs to the family Combertaceae. In Sankrit, it is known by various names like Arjuna, Dhavala, Indradru, Kakubha, Nadisraja and Veervruksha. It is known as Arjuna in Hindi as wells as Engl.... [read more...]
A Healthy Beetroot Salad Recipe For You!
Try something new! Here is a healthy Beetroot Salad recipe for you: – Steam 2-3 beetroots till they become tender. – Peel the skin and cut them into pieces. – Add 1 grated onion, 2 tbsp choppe.... [read more...]

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