Rule Out The Fear Factor From Your Life!
Are you scared of something that is not fearful to other people? Perhaps, reading out something to a group or travelling through a desterted road is frightening for you.  Fearing to face a crowd, being in the .... [read more...]
Gestational Diabetes Hikes Risk in Children. How to Prevent it.
If you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, it enhances the risk factor for diabetes for your child. Gestational diabetes occurs temporarily during pregnancy. It may make mothers prone to getting type 2 dia.... [read more...]
Why You Should Take Short Breaks
Do you fail to find time for yourself? Studies reveal that taking short naps or spending a little time for oneself can be quite beneficial for health. Go for a nap as it rejuvenates your body and rests your min.... [read more...]
Control Blood Sugar with Interval Training
Exercise smart, not hard. It’s not about working out for longer periods of time but rather working harder in your limited time that gives you the desired result. Alternating periods of intense effort with per.... [read more...]
Lose Weight To Improve Your Brain Health!
Being overweight affects your body as well your brain. It affects the way your brain processes sugar and may lead to lowering of cognitive abilities with time. Obesity causes insulin resistance. Insulin resista.... [read more...]
Pop Vitamin Supplements To Keep Your Arteries Healthy!
If you have high levels of LDL cholesterol, it shoots up your risk of getting heart diseases. Bad cholesterol gets deposited on the walls of your arteries and blocks blood flow to the heart. As a result of this.... [read more...]
New Ways To Cope with Alzheimer’s Disease!
Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease that affects the memory of the sufferers. It causes mental and physical stress not only on the patient but also his family members. It adversely affects their sleep and m.... [read more...]
Follow these 5 food rules to flaunt a glowing skin
The easiest way to have glowing skin is to to pamper skin regularly. Here are a few simple ways you can take good care of your skin. Opt to have a low glycemic load diet. This means to include whole grains like.... [read more...]
Listen to Your Body, or Yoga can Harm!
Yoga enhances your flexibility and tones your body muscles. If not practised carefully, yoga can backfire. Certain yoga poses may not be for all. Yoga should always be practiced under a trained expert to avoid.... [read more...]
Super Ways To Meditate Dynamically!
Wish to experience serenity without sitting with eyes closed? If you are too dynamic for a sit and do it kind of meditation session, you can do it on the move! The trick lies in freeing your mind from the inces.... [read more...]
Are You Depressed? Seek Professional Help!
The suicide of Robin Williams has yet again opened our eyes to the menace of depression. If we have a tummy ache or physical discomfort, then we immediately rush to the doctor. But if we are stressed out or fe.... [read more...]
Prediabetes May Put You At Risk For Cancer!
Are you over weight and lead a sedentary lifestyle? Do you have PCOD and are over 45 years of age? Are you hypertensive? If you said YES, then get yourself tested for prediabetes. Often prediabetes does not hav.... [read more...]

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