Enjoy the Amazing Health Benefits of Potatoes!
You will be amazed at the various health benefits of potatoes: – It is loaded with Vitamin B complex, magnesium, zinc and potassium. – It is rich in carotenoids that promotes heart health. –.... [read more...]
Discover Interesting Facts About Your Nose!
Discover interesting facts about your nose: – Your nose can smell up to a trillion different types of smells! – A sneeze can travel at a speed of 100 miles per hour or even more. – You have n.... [read more...]
Oedema (Fluid Retention): An Ayurvedic Perspective for You!
Oedema has been explained as Shotha or Shopha in Ayurvedic System of medicine. Oedema is witnessed in several diseases in different local areas such as face (facial oedema), eyes (supraorbital oedema) feet (ank.... [read more...]
5 Amazing Health Benefits of Asian Ginseng!
Discover the incredible health benefits of Asian Ginseng: – It alleviates stress, stimulates your nervous system and enhances your mood. – It increases oxygenation of cells, offers relief from cons.... [read more...]
Discover the Tremendous Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea!
Chamomile tea has a slightly fruity flavour and has a golden hue.  Here are some of its terrific health benefits: – Fights insomnia and other sleep disorders and enhances sleep. – Offers relief fro.... [read more...]
Is Dark Chocolate Good For Your Heart?
Source: www.med.umich.edu Additional Reading: Is Chocolate a Super Food? – Research Findings Cocoa and chocolate in human health and disease.... [read more...]

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