Wake Up in Between Your Sleep? Don’t Look at the Clock.
So do you often get up in between of your night sleep? Do you then reach out to your mobile or look at the clock to see the time? If you answered yes to the second question, you might now on want to change this.... [read more...]
City Children More Likely to Suffer From Food Allergies
According to a study conducted in the US, children living in cities are more prone to have food allergies (milk, egg and peanuts) than those living in the country. The study revealed that those staying in highl.... [read more...]
Take Care Of Your Beauty With Easy Home Remedies!
Do you apply creams and balms to keep your skin fresh and young? It is a better choice to use natural skin care products. The natural ingredients are devoid of chemicals that help rejuvenate your skin and save .... [read more...]
Climbing Stairs Cuts Down Stroke Risk by 29%
Want to burn calories in the shortest time? Climb the stairs! Yes, climbing stairs burns more calories in a minute than jogging. Infact, climbing 3-5 floors during a day can reduce your risk of getting a stroke.... [read more...]
Did You Know Singing Can Drive Away Depression?
Whether you are a bathroom singer or adept at singing or someone dangling between these two, you sure must have experienced that singing aloud gives you a lot of joy. Be it humming the latest tunes or singing t.... [read more...]
Is Yoga During Periods Safe For You?
Is it safe for women to do yoga inversions during menstrual cycle? Experts warn us against it. Doing inversions during periods may cause the blood to flow back into the fallopian tubes instead of getting discha.... [read more...]
Is an Educated Woman a Threat to her Husband?
Gone are the days when women were restricted to be home makers alone. These days women enjoy equal status with their male counterparts. The “fairer sex” is as educated as their male counterparts, e.... [read more...]
Do you Follow the Warning Labels?
Do you read the warning on medicines? If not, then you may start doing it for the sake of your own safety. You can take a lesson from a 74 year old man with asthma who got injured. He was burning leaves, when h.... [read more...]
Grizzlies Show us the Link Between Obesity and Diabetes!
Ever wondered why ‘Yogi Bear’ eats so much honey and yet stays healthy? Scientists have discovered the reason for it! Grizzlies can fight off diabetes despite obesity. They gorge on food heavily and become .... [read more...]
Is Your BMI a Good Parameter for Fitness?
Your Body Mass Index or BMI could be lying to you! It is surprising but true. You can derive your BMI by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in square metres. You compare your measurements with a.... [read more...]
Yoga is not Enough for Your Muscles
Doing yoga regularly is the best gift that you can give yourself! A short yoga routine every morning is the ideal way to get your daily dose of exercise. It is also a great way to relax after a tiring day.  Ho.... [read more...]
Is Chicken Really Safe to Consume?
If you love your tandoori chicken or your chicken cordon bleu, then this is a must read for you! Poultry is being fed with antibiotics which is good for none, new study reports tell us. You may wonder how it is.... [read more...]

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