What You Eat is Not Really Your Choice!
A recent study conducted suggests that the gut microbes in our body may have influence on our food eating habits.  The researchers said that while certain bacteria prefer fats, there are certain bacteria that .... [read more...]
Keep Your Eyes Healthy This Way
Just close your eyes for 5 minutes and try to find your way through your home. You will realize how much you depend on them! Eyes are your window the outer world. It is crucial to take care of your eyes to keep.... [read more...]
Stay Healthy. Do Not Be a Victim to Obesity.
According to the Head of National Health Science, England, Obesity has become the ‘new smoking’ problem in terms of its negative impact on health. Being significantly overweight leads to a host of other hea.... [read more...]
This is how Fermented Super Foods Keep You Healthy!
What is common between dosa, uttapam and dhokla? Yes, they are yummy. Other than that? They are feremented. Ever noticed that Indian Cuisine has much more variety of fermented foods than Western Cuisine? It hel.... [read more...]
Ginkgo Biloba May Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes Better!
Ever wondered what causes your blood sugar levels to shoot up and cause diabetes? A sedentary lifestyle, deposition of body fat and a diet full of calories and processed food contribute. Your body loses its ten.... [read more...]
A New Way to Heal Your Back Pain
If you have a nagging back pain, what do you do? Take a hot compress or pop a painkiller. Doctors propose to look for emotional causes instead of physiological ones for back pain. Stressful and fast paced lives.... [read more...]
Know Ways To Keep Your Skin Young
Want to keep your skin young and healthy? Let’s explore what causes skin ageing and how to prevent it. Wrinkles happen due to increase in free radicals. The free radicals can be countered with antioxidants. E.... [read more...]
Negative Thoughts Ruin Your Life!
How often do you day dream? One thought crosses your mind, then another follows it and before you know it escalates into a million thoughts. For some people this chain of thoughts takes a negative turn. They ge.... [read more...]
5 Warning Signs of Ulcers!
Damage in the tissue of our digestive system leads to painful ulcers. Ulcers require medical attention and if untreated, cause perforation and bleeding. Though ulcers may not manifest symptoms at times, be a.... [read more...]
Does Your Teenage Daughter Spend Too Much Time With Her BF?
Teenage is a trying time for kids as well as their parents. A disconnect sets in which is often talked about as ‘Generation Gap’. For teens, theirs friends become the centre of their world. Studie.... [read more...]
10 Health Benefits of Chia Seeds
Do any of you remember chia pets? Seen those warm and green and fuzzy things? If not, then let me clarify. Chia pets are American styled terracotta figurines used to sprout chia where the chia sprouts grow with.... [read more...]
Are You Tired? Know Mantras To Feel Energized!
Do you often feel tired at the end of your day? There are a number of ways to boost your energy levels. Proper diet, exercise and rest play a vital role in keeping you bouncing with oodles of energy. Ensure th.... [read more...]

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