Build up Your Bone Health: Prevent Osteoporosis!
Do you give a second thought before trying out various facial masks, diets and hair fall remedies? You spend a lot of time, effort and money to be able to ask “Mirror, Mirror on the wall! Am I the fairest of .... [read more...]
Alert: Knowing this may Prevent Cholesterol Problems Forever
A healthy amount of cholesterol is needed by the body for its normal functioning. While cholesterol per se doesn’t cause heart problems, excess amounts of cholesterol leads to fatal conditions like blockage o.... [read more...]
How to Fix Diarrhea with Home Remedies
Stomach in distress? With heavy rains lashing cities and towns alike, eating roadside food has lost its fancy. At least for now! The onset of monsoon not only brings more mosquitoes and crickets with it, it als.... [read more...]
Don’t let your pearly whites lose their shine!
Is constant bad breath pestering you? Do you have red and swollen gums? Has it ever happened to you that you want to eat something sweet but you can’t because of pain in your tooth? Good oral hygiene is somet.... [read more...]
Is Anxiety Taking a Toll on Your Nerves? Don’t Lose Your Cool!
Imagine that you are on a plane. Everything is going fine, and then all of a sudden you start freaking out. You don’t know why but you can’t seem to put an end to your paranoia. During all these events, you.... [read more...]
Urinary Calculi: How to Flush the Stones out!
Do you see stains of blood every time you visit the loo? Are your groins too agonized? Did you say yes? If you suffer from Kidney Stones, this article will help you figure out what Ayurveda says about those tin.... [read more...]
Kaishora Guggulu is your Panacea for Pitta Related Ailments!
Want to know what these Pitta related medical conditions are? Read on! Kaishora Guggulu (Kaishore/Kaishor Guggulu) is an Ayurvedic formula which can be considered as a magical potion because of the number of a.... [read more...]
Shades of gray and white popping up on your head? It’s time to beat the grays!
Sometimes it feels good to stand out in a crowd. After all, everybody likes being unique in a good way. But what if you stand out among many because of some awkward reason – like having gray hair! As people .... [read more...]
Don’t look like a zombie anymore! Get rid of those dark patches around your eyes!
Eyes are the windows to the soul… But, how can you peek into someone’s soul or your own soul, if you are distracted by those dark circles under the eyes? Needless to say, dark circles are a major cause.... [read more...]
Don’t Let Your Brain Blackout!
Missed attending an important event because you forgot about it? And you missed it again? And again! The brain is like a small bank which holds a lot of vital information. It’s normal for it to forget some th.... [read more...]
Don’t Let Your Taste Buds Suffer
Curb Stomatitis with Professional Tips! Got a craving for pani-puri but can’t eat because of that painful sore in your mouth? Your taste buds are aroused, smelling that delicious dish, but you can’t savor i.... [read more...]
Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)? Blot Yourself with These Measures!
Remember your friend’s sweaty palms in high school? At that time you just wondered about it without knowing that it was hyperhidrosis, right? May be this post would help your friend. Sweating is the body’s .... [read more...]

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