Control Your Diabetes with Routine Exercises
World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that nearly 200 million people all over the world suffer from diabetes. What is more alarming is that this number is likely to double in the coming years. Diabetes bein.... [read more...]
Would You Believe a Mug of Beer to be Healthy?
Would you buy it if a research says beer is full of super nutrients? These nutrients include iron, amino acids, antioxidants that add to your health. Beer is also said to improve bile count that helps digest f.... [read more...]
Have Fever With Joint Pain? Get Tested For Chikungunya!
Do you travel frequently? If yes, when you get fever with muscular and joint pain you are likely to pass it off as common flu. Experts advise you to get tested for Chikungunya. It is caused by infected mosquito.... [read more...]
Workout While You Shop!
Great news for shopaholics- you can turn your shopping spree into a fitness regime! Wondering how? It’s simple. Where there is a will there is a way–to work out! Shopping workouts are the latest way to burn.... [read more...]
Adding on to Your Daily Cuppa
If the aroma, taste and experience are why you love coffee, here’s one other health benefit that’ll make you happy. Intake of coffee has been found to protect against DNA damage as well as reduce body fat.... [read more...]
Fried Foods May Lead to Type 2 Diabetes
While the best friends of your taste buds might be fried foods, it is best to limit their intake. We all agree that fried foods are very high in fat and calories. Too much consumption therefore becomes an unhea.... [read more...]
What if Vitamin-D Deficiency Leads to Hypertension?
  Apart from being a very essential nutrient for bone health, Vitamin D also plays a crucial role in the development of hypertension. A study conducted in the University of South Australia showed that the.... [read more...]
Excessive Drinking Causes One in Every 10 Deaths
A study conducted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 1 in every 10 deaths is attributed to alcohol consumption. Here’s the warning that alcohol harms in more ways than causing liv.... [read more...]
Your Sunscreen May Prove More Harmful Than The Sun!
Sunshine is an inevitable part of our lives. It helps in the synthesis of vitamin D that makes your bones stronger with calcium absorption. Sunshine helps your liver work better and stimulates feel good hormone.... [read more...]
Are You Diabetic? Munch Nuts To Keep Your Heart Healthy!
If you are diabetic or know someone with diabetes, here is some great news! As known, people with type 2 diabetes mellitus are prone to developing heart disease. New research tells us that you can lower this r.... [read more...]
Seven Day Program to Beat the Bloat
Are you one of those people who often feel their tummy is bloated? Do you feel puffy and uncomfortable after your meal? If yes, here is a simple 7 day program to get rid of the discomfort. This one week progra.... [read more...]
Heed to the Warning Calls of Childhood Obesity
It was only a couple of days back that my neighbor visited me with her 10 year old son. She looked upset. Her son’s weight had become a major concern. The paediatrician mentioned that it is 20% more than nor.... [read more...]

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