Easy-to-do 10 Minute Exercises
For those of you who procrastinate exercise here is some good news. A three 10-minute session each of exercising will go a long way in avoiding complications like metabolic syndrome and high waist circumference.... [read more...]
13 Surprising Non Dairy Foods Rich in Calcium
  Are you struggling with dairy allergy? Does the taste of milk put you off? Lactose intolerance, is that the problem? In these cases, how would you manage to get Calcium into your daily diet? Calcium is .... [read more...]
Vaginal Delivery Has More Benefits Than You Actually Know
Many pregnant women opt for caesarean section fearing pain and trauma. Also with C-section one can have a planned day and time unlike vaginal delivery.  However, they are many reasons why natural delivery .... [read more...]
6 Super Smoothies for Cricket Fans
So while all your favorite cricketers are sweating it out at their practice nets, do you simply slouch on your couch and put on pounds watching them? Yes, we know it is simply not possible to get off the scre.... [read more...]
What Should You Look in a Good Blood Pressure Monitor For Home Use
Geetika, a friend of mine, was diagnosed with hypertension at the age 30. She had to keep a check on her blood pressure for a few consecutive days. Since visiting the doctor daily for a check up was not possi.... [read more...]
3 Healthy Snacks for IPL Fans
Cricket season is on and the cricket mania would leave an outsider wonder struck in India. All the excitement pours out for one sport followed like religion- Cricket! Nothing better to enjoy this cricket frenzy.... [read more...]
5 Dangerous Causes and Home Remedies of Diabetic Neuropathy
Are you diabetic? Do you feel numbness and tingling in your hands and legs often? If these symptoms are followed by tiredness, muscular cramps and indigestion, it is time to seek medical help. These signs indi.... [read more...]
3 Healthy Salad Recipes for Weight Loss!
When it comes to losing the extra kilos, there is only one thing that pops in one’s mind – dieting! Isn’t it? Here is where controlling your taste buds come into picture. Watching what and how much you ea.... [read more...]
How to Cure Herniated Disc Safely
Herniated disk is a painful condition. It may start as a low degree pain which slowly grows worse when you are standing, sitting, at night, while bending, sneezing, coughing or even laughing. Slipped disk happe.... [read more...]
6 Most Common Weight Loss Myths Debunked!
  When it comes to weight loss there are innumerable things you’ll hear from your friends, family and colleagues. Some common sayings everyone seems to toss around is stop snacking, cut out carbs etc. Ar.... [read more...]
How Wasim Akram is an Inspiration for Cool Diabetes Management!
Wasim Akram is a well known Pakistani Cricketer. He is recognized as one of the fastest bowlers in the history of world cricket. A lot of sweat and discipline goes into making a successful sports career. But th.... [read more...]
Is There Effective Ayurvedic Treatment for Thyroidism?
Depression, weight gain and thinning hair? All these or any of these can happen to you if you suffer from thyroid disease. Thyroid – you must be familiar with the term. It is a small gland in the shape .... [read more...]

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